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  flydragon / © Simon Kolton       Project : in the mood for
I am in bkk for 3 month, and i spend most of my day and night walking in Bangkok.
this project is not a reportage, i will not tell any story, just want to show some pictures, some peoples, some  moment like a dream, like the movie i made when i took those picture. If i would love explain this project, i would like to use some words like , feeling, mood, emotion, movie, dream. Hope you will follow my feeling in this project. To maintain a coherence in this project, i will post just color picture, this project is ...
20 photos  0 draft  - completed on 25/06/2008 - 6 project comm.   161 photo comm.

  Darren M / © Darren Melrose       Project : Is it a protest if noone comes
What if they held a protest and noone came? As I write this, it appears that this could almost come true here in Taipei. Knowing the Taiwanese and their political enthusiasm, that seems unlikely, but after day one not much has happened.

The story behind this set is the protesting by the supporters of the ex dictator Chiang KaiShek and those who oppose him. Actually, like most everything in Taiwan, it comes down to a battle of wills between the two major political parties, the KuoMingTan (KMT, Chinese Nationalist Party) ...

20 photos  0 draft  - completed on 29/02/2008 - 2 project comm.   70 photo comm.

  prezntime / © Christopher Wallish       Project : Watchful Eyes

Walking through the city day after day, continuing in the same community, eyes begin to develope for the shadows beneath. Like the sensation of driving to work and not remembering numerous miles of your journey, we can deactivate our senses and tune out the surrounding world...I'm trying to tune in.

All photos taken with Tri-x 400 or Ilford Delta 3200...printed on Ilford warmtone paper.

11 photos  0 draft  - completed on 20/02/2008 - 2 project comm.   63 photo comm.

  AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray       Project : Scent of A Woman
First I named this project simply, "Women". Something told me this was a bad idea.

Having courted only one woman in life, and married to the same for the past 30 years, what do I know, what CAN I know, of women.  There is one other, my daughter, who I probably know even less.

Francis Harrison (Furachan) reinforced this fear, and asked me to change the project. So here I try, through the glass darkly, to follow my own vision of what I feel about women in general.  My bleary, blurred ...
9 photos  10 draft  - created on 02/12/2007 - 2 project comm.   65 photo comm.

  markoci / © Mark Panszky       Project : a night at the theater
this will be just a short story, probably less than 10 photos and maybe rather incomplete. i was on my way somewhere when i stumbled into this performance near my house, already in progress. i only had time to snap a few shots, hope they will set up tent again. traditional taiwanese street theater is pretty rare nowadays even in the countryside, i was told... they are usually organized by small local temples (like this one was too) though this event may have been payed for by a real estate company judging from some of the signs...

update ...
6 photos  0 draft  - completed on 14/12/2007 - 1 project comm.   17 photo comm.

  markoci / © Mark Panszky       Project : a children's pageant
spent a day in "taimall", a big shopping mall in taoyuan, at a kids' pageant... a lighthearted event - nothing like some of its the fiercely competitive counterparts in other countries. everyone was a winner, they all went home with a prize...
2 photos  0 draft  - created on 30/11/2007 - 0 project comm.   5 photo comm.

  markoci / © Mark Panszky       Project : 2007 pingshi sky lantern festival
a short project, i have about 10-15 photos planned to post. a test for my new 30d it was also more of a private visit, i would definitely like to go back next year if i'm in the country to concentrate more on photography...
2 photos  0 draft  - created on 30/11/2007 - 0 project comm.   3 photo comm.

  Lisan / © Lisan Jutras       Project : Cook Islands
Most of you have seen this series already... something to hold my place until I have a new series!
I travelled to the Cook Islands in April 2005 (I think) to write a story for Outpost magazine. I wish I could give you all a link to the story I wrote, because that would certainly provide the narrative some of you crave. At 3,000 words it's a bit long to post here. In any case, I arrived during the national dance competitions, which were far from being a tourist draw, but rather something deeply meaningful to competitors and ...
9 photos  0 draft  - created on 25/11/2007 - 3 project comm.   30 photo comm.

  Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker       Project : Shadow Play
Nowhere else than in the old streets of my native Budapest do I have a greater fascination with shadows of objects under the reassuring rays of the sun, perhaps those of the past and of the present. These shadows are now sinister, now playful, but always quintessentially interwoven with time passed--old architecture, history, and the subconscious layers of memory.
20 photos  0 draft  - completed on 22/02/2008 - 8 project comm.   170 photo comm.

  Bip-Bip / © Vero Alisier       Project : Children of Asia

While traveling in Asia for the first time, I noticed that children were everywhere, sometimes living their life of child but often acting like adults : the oldest taking care of the youngest, helping at work, etc.
My first project will be dedicated to all these children I have met and whom I recall with fondness.
NB. The central theme is not only children acting like little adults but my encounters with ...

6 photos  0 draft  - created on 17/11/2007 - 1 project comm.   37 photo comm.

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