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  luan / © Luan TRAN       Project : A Riide in Tram
La ville de Nice a maintenant son tramway, après quelques années de travaux qui a rendu la circulation assez chaotique, l'ordre est revenu de puis peu...

Alors qu'est ce que ca donne en vrai, je vous propose un petit tour avec le nouveau moyen de transport !


The city of Nice has now its tram, after a few years of work that has made quite chaotic traffic, the order has returned ...

I suggest a short ...
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  proxilva / © Jorrit Van Der Molen       Project : Gatherings from Milan
Gatherings from Milan…
A theatre of people

Photoholik came at a funny time, after my last moving last summer I had gathered all negatives and positives into big moving boxes with the intention to keep them there till further notice. Now in the last days it was time to open those boxes to see what was in there. Hundreds of negatives that had never been scanned or seen the red light of a darkroom passed my eyes. From them I made a small selection with the mutual background that they were ...
18 photos  0 draft  - completed on 09/05/2008 - 3 project comm.   105 photo comm.

  Siddhartha  / © Siddhartha Hajra       Project : Goa beckons still
I wished to keep this a secret, but here I am, deliberating on my short (seven days) but invigorating stay in Goa. It's been three weeks since I have come back home to Calcutta but memories of Goa still fills me up.
Right from the begining, it felt different to be in Goa. And it is very different from other places in India - both in thought and culture. Being an erstwhile Portugese colony, the 400 years of Portugese influence has made its mark in the way of shaping Goa's architecture, language ...
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  flydragon / © Simon Kolton       Project : The Chinese Opera
during my walk in Bangkok
i hade the chance to see 2 time a Chinese Opera on the street
and for sure i fighted to see the backstage :o)

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  steph / © Stephane Wierzbicki       Project : Perspectives
C'est un projet qui me tient particulièrement à coeur. Je shoot des pespectives (paysages) depuis très longtemps. Elles peuvent être fuyantes, encerclées, droites, coupées par un personnage.
Pour reprendre Wikipédia : "La perspective est le phénomène de perception visuelle par lequel l'œil perçoit en deux dimensions un monde en trois dimensions."
Je vais donc m'attacher ici à poster plusieurs jeux de photos graphiques ou des paysages que j'ai pu prendre ...
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  eleparc / © Eric Le Parc       Project : Wintry Ostende
While visiting my friends at Brussels for my yearly purchase of Christmas chocolates, I decided to explore ostende where i had never been to in 20 years of regular visits... I met Santa Klaus getting crazy...  But mostly, Ostende rekindled some nice memories of a painting exhibit I had seen at the Royal Fine Arts Museum in Brussels in december 2006 around the work of Leon Spillaert, originating from Ostende. This project is an invitation to wander with me through wintry Ostende.
20 photos  0 draft  - completed on 27/04/2008 - 2 project comm.   67 photo comm.

  markoci / © Mark Panszky       Project : the writing on the wall
On Dec. 6-7 2007, the Chinese characters paying homage to Chiang Kai-shek were removed from both sides of the archway of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall's main gate.

note 1:
darren is currently posting his version of this event. however because of the difference in our work schedules we actually only spent ...
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  vapours / © Brendan Head       Project : Winter Wonderland
A series of photos from my day at Hyde Park.

Being my first project it is a small series, I do hope to have a couple of longer running projects starting up shortly......
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  Luko / © Luko G-R       Project : Struggling in SDDLR, whatever Fim do Mundo
I chose the title of this project as enigmatic and as experimental as I could find.

It happens that I am into a period of my life where I'm asking myself a lot of questions especially about the way of living I'm going through and the meaning of my work, which I start to despise. Generally not good news. For the ones who still don't know : I'm a consultant.
For the french people of my generation, Houellebecq the writer has been quite influential since his first novel, which was titled in english ...
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  sandip / © Sandip Debnath       Project : Samarthanam, A light in life
I was amazed when I saw them playing chess. Vani has been working with them for last 9 years and everyday since then, she said, it has been a different experience for her to see their activities. They all were full of life. They can be called in different names like Chandrasekhar, subba rao, vishal or anil, but they all are special to us. As a whole, we call them "Samarthanam". Samarthanam is a commitment towards life. It is a commitment to the cause of education of the people who are visually and physically challenged.Set up ...
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