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  lobster / © Vincent Hofer       Project : Bars
It has been some while that i wanted to make a long serie on people in bars, all in black and white, trying to catch the lonelyness of some situations, alcoholics, lonely people trying to get some recomfort in smoke and alcohol.
It feels good to be here with you all...
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  brevbrev14 / © Valeria Berti       Project : MUD WORKERS
This is a series of images exploring the aspects of mud workers in the town of Abano and Montegrotto Terme.

Already in the antiquity, since the time of the Romans, these thermal waters came suitable like curative waters then Abano/Montegrotto has become the European capital City of the Curative Muds and Thermal Baths. The Mud, to have the specific characteristic that does it an appreciated therapeutic instrument,  needs a slow and complex process of biological maturation. Such process has given by Abano/Montegrotto ...
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  prezntime / © Christopher Wallish       Project : Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe, maybe not. As your vision becomes accustomed to the dark corners a lightness appears...

If you've ever been in a home that's left to sit alone and forgotten, you might run into memories that left a mark visible over time. Where the wood came away from a doorway, there is a light outline, many shades brighter than the surrounding wall...a spot on the wall where a photo used to hang...
These are in what I believe, ghosts... 

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  randomcameraguy / © alex felipe       Project : Childrens Rehabilitation Center
CRC webpage:

Children's Rehabilitation Center (Philippines):

The CRC provides psycho-social therapy for children and parents that are victims of state violence.  The Philippines is one of the worlds most corrupt counties (taking over the #1 spot from Indonesia for Southeast Asia) and it's government is anything except a government for the people.

The current ...
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  kaparu2 / © Kev Ryan       Project : The City of Double Happiness
The first of a series of images exploring aspects of street life in and around the central commercial and entertainment district of the city of Chongqing in South West China. This city is the fastest growing city in the world and embraces a mixed economy and cultural life which spans decades of difference in terms of style and engagement with the modern world. Many things and people seem curiously out of place one minute and perfectly natural against another backdrop fifty feet away. Illusion - not the smoke and mirrors of political ...
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  rbcy1974 / © Daniel Barreto       Project : Women in Yemen
People in Yemen are lovely, hospitable and wonderful. However, as a foreigner I cannot help to be baffled at the position women seem to have in their society.

In Yemen women are reduced to ghosts, or shadows. You barely see any women in the streets, and when you do they are either with their male relatives, or the rare times they are alone, they are going from point A to point B, but never do they linger outside. All service businesses cater to men: restaurants, hair saloons, tea houses, qat dens. Maybe I am culturally ...
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  yanseiler / © Yan Seiler       Project : A Syrian Odissey
While traveling in Burma, I met a guy who told me that Syria was the better place he ever visited. He told me about the nice places that you can see, the hospitality of the people and on and on.

Syria is one of the richest place on earth regarding archeological sites.

So, I wanted to check it by myself, everything he told me turned out to be true.
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  marietom / © Marie Hacene       Project : quand les reflets racontent
Première fois pour moi ici...
Les reflets m'attirent beaucoup en ce moment, et j'aime jouer avec eux, les retourner, leur faire raconter des histoires. Petite série de photos prises récemment, à Fécamp (France), mais aussi en région parisienne.

First time for me here (with my bad english... sorry !)
In my first project, I will show you some water reflection. I like to play with colors and forms, to create some painting.

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  randomcameraguy / © alex felipe       Project : Quiapo Fiesta
9 January 2008 (Quiapo, Manila, Philippines)

The Philippines is a poor country getting poorer by the day.  With their lot not improving religious devotion remains a powerful outlet for their worries.  The Black Nazarene is a statue of Jesus brought to the country by the Spanish that is believed to be able to perform miracles.  So every year more and more devotees come to the Basilica where it is housed to pray for a better life--and every year a few lives are lost in the crush of the masses.

But ...
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  Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker       Project : In Transit

A mini(?) project on people in transit--mostly public transportation. I quite like to shoot in buses, metros, and the occasional trams when I have the chance, mostly in a clandestine way, not bothering people or letting them know my intention. I try to capture them in a moment that speaks about them, that speaks to me.

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