General terms of use (GTU)

The term GTU hereby refers to the current document "General Terms of Use". This contract (GTU) governs your use of the website, as well as all the services provided by the website. The photographs, illustrations, images or any other pictorial or graphical works will be referred to hereafter as “the works”.

1/ Description of the website 
The website aims at displaying a photographical internet window, whose main object is the presentation of photographs and photographers, and to offer an interactive, educative and/or pedagogical means to apprehend photography and its techniques, in connection with the main object of the website; 

2/ General acknowledgement of the GTU’s  
The use of the website implies that you acknowledge and accept the general terms of use of the website, and that you have been informed of the copyright information related to the works and the original elements displayed on this website.

3/ Use of the website  
Any abusive use of the website, the server or its resources is forbidden, namely (non limitative list):

- Spam;  
- Website scanners ;  
- Web direct attacks (
defacing, denial of service, etc.) ;  
- Introduction of elements intending at initiating or spreading web attacks (virus, Trojan horse, etc.) ;  
- Attempts at obtaining the connection data of a given user account (member, administrator, etc.)

- As a general rule, it is forbidden to introduce any content not in compliance with the French legislation (namely regarding pornography, invasion of privacy, slander, calumny, etc.) and/or copyright and privacy legislations; 

Any use of this website (legal or fraudulent) can be traced back. reserves the right to legally pursue any offender and/or report him to the authorities. 
4/ User account  
You hereby acknowledge and accept to keep your user account details confidential (name of user and password). Those data are personal and should not under any circumstances be shared, nor transferred to any other natural person or legal entity. You hereby acknowledge and accept to be the sole responsible for the use of your user account reserves the right to close at any time a user account without notice. Should the owner of the account have displayed some works, of which he holds the copyrights, those works shall be removed from the site.  

5/ Abuse alert  
Any abuse or violation of the GTU duly noticed by a user of the website must be immediately reported to the administrators of the website or via contact mail addresses ( or, with a maximum of details allowing us to identify and resolve the problem (Account removal, account freeze, etc.) 

6/ Editorial content is the unique responsible of the editorial content of the website, without any recourse from the website users (registered or anonymous), namely for the non-publication of a work or its withdrawal from the site. 
7/ Copyright  

The original articles, texts, photos, graphical elements (and any element potentially affected by copyright and privacy laws) published on this website are copyright of their owners without any duration limit. They can under no circumstances be resold or displayed against any kind of payment without the prior formal authorization of the owner or whatever party formally commissioned by the author to perform such a transaction. The original published texts can be freely quoted for as long as the source, name of the author, date of publication and the article or website URL, in clear or as an hypertext link, are clearly indicated. Images cannot be reproduced with the agreement of its owner. 

A user who transmits a work via his user account acknowledges to be the copyright owner or to be duly authorized to do so (Copyright or privacy rights, etc.) and gives a non exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free licence to include this work in the website content. The user legally remains the sole owner of the work. He also commits to retain the original or a copy of his work. will under no circumstances be liable for keeping the work under any form. 

Any content (written, image, comment, post on a forum, etc.) transmitted by a user remains under its sole responsibility. shall not be held responsible for any of those contents. commits itself to withdraw any licentious or questionable content (as defined in this GTU), but cannot commit itself on a timeframe for the correction or withdrawal of this content. 


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