Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • HOW TO GET STARTED ON Photoholik?
First of all, click on "MY SPACE". Once your profile has been created under "Profile Edition", and before you "Upload a photo", you must "Create a project". No photo can be uploaded unless you have first selected a project to insert it into.
  • PROFILE (Within "MY SPACE")
How to create or modify my profile?
By clicking on "Profile Edition" in the top right corner of the page.

Where can I upload my personal ID photo or my avatar?
Within the "Profile Edition" area. The ID image or the avatar can either be a jpg or a gif file. Its maximum size cannot exceed 217 X 120 pixels.

How do I create my favorite members’ list?
On the profile page of a member, in the top right corner of the page, by clicking on the "add this member to my favorites" command. This list can be made invisible to other members by deactivating the box reading "Members’ list visible" under my profile page.

How do I create my favorite photos’ or my favorite projects’ list?
The procedure is identical with the appropriate command to add a photo or a project to your favorites’ lists. Those lists cannot be made invisible to other members.

  • PROJECTS (Within "MY SPACE")
How do I create a project?
On my profile page by clicking on the "Create a project" command in the top right corner of the page.

What is a project?
The underlying idea of the creation of Photoholik is to present comprehensive photographic projects, that is to say mini illustrated reports. It is only within these projects that I will be able to upload my photos, thus allowing me to group them and tell a story. An isolated photo may not be inspiring but will take its full meaning within a more global context. That is why it is important to bear in mind this notion of a global project. For that matter, Photoholik invite you to make it clear when you post the very last photo of a project, so that all members know your project is now complete.

How many projects can I create?
To start with, I have a credit of 5 projects to be created. Each and every project can display a maximum of 20 photos. Each time a project will display 10 photos or more, I will be allowed to create an additional project, and so forth...

How do I edit my project?
Under every project, an edit command allows me to modify it.

How can I close my project / re-open it?
In the top right side of the Edit page of the project, I click on the “Close this project » command. To re-open it, I just click on that same command now reading « Re-open this project ».

Do projects get points?
Not exactly, but I have the opportunity to give a global appraisal on a completed project based on its overall consistency, its artistic and aesthetic quality, its original aspect and its relevance. In short, everybody makes its own judgment in all honesty using the three following appraisal icons. Three icons to express my general, aesthetic and/or technical opinion :
- Excellent project :
- Average:
- Not very consistent / artistically and/or technically questionnable  :

Can I modify the order of my photographs within my project?
An option allows the re-ordering of my images within a project. I need to edit my project and simply drag & drop the images that need to be re-ordered. Once I am satisfied with the new order, I click on « save the new order ».

The Draft area
I have the opportunity to move an image that I am not happy with or that needs some reprocessing to a draft area. I just need to click on the draft command under the given photo to send it to the draft area, located just under the photo gallery in the project page. By doing so, existing comments will not be lost, but it will allow me to freeze the photo while waiting some reprocessing and maybe its replacement. When I replace a photo, it is considered like a new daily post. It is not a sheer drop & replace.
I can move 10 photos maximum in this draft area.
These photos in the space area will only be displayed to members who open the project; other viewers will not see them.
And they will not appear either in the general photo gallery. Should I decide to put it back in my general gallery and project, I can do so by clicking on the online command under the photo.
  • PHOTOS (Within "MY SPACE")
How to upload a photo?
On my profile page by clicking on the "upload a photo" command in the top right corner of the page.

How many photos can I upload?
Only one photo or one Photopack (see below) can be uploaded daily (i.e. by 24 hours period, Paris time zone), with a maximum of 20 photos by project. The threshold number of 10 photos in a project allows you to create a new project over the initial credit of 5.

Which format?
The only allowed format is the jpg format. Its maximum size is 750 pixels with a minimum of 500 pixels. A photo cannot weigh over 250 ko.

How to edit a photo?
To edit a photo, I need to "open" the project where it belongs and click on the "edit" command of the chosen photo.

Can I delete a photo or a project?
Of course. I need to open the project to be deleted and click on the "delete" command. Similarly, to delete a photo, I need to "open" the project where it belongs, then click on the "delete" command under the chosen photo.

How can I close my project / re-open it?
In the top right side of the Edit page of the project, I click on the “Close this project » command. To re-open it, I just click on that same command now reading « Re-open this project ».

I can write a comment for every posted photo. For that matter, each member is kindly invited to comment in a constructive way the photos displayed by the other members of the website. The website is intended to become not only a place for technical photographic exchanges, but also a friendly community place.

Discussion threads
By clicking on the above icon, I can leave a message and engage into a discussion with the author of the chosen photo, as well as with the other members who have already commented this photo. This thread must act as a true place for exchanges between the members who want to exchange on the commented photo or project. Within this thread, I can create links with some exterior html websites ( ). Moreover, direct photo links ( ) are allowed. I can also use the thread to post workshops.

Can I see my photographs in a slideshow?
This icon allows me to see a slideshow of the photos posted in my project. It is located under each photograph and under every project. The show speed can also be adjusted.

Do the photos get points?
The photos do not exactly get points as such. But within Photoholik, there are some appraisal icons which influence a more general tendency gauge. This system exists for photos as well as for projects. It allows me to see the rating of my photos or my projects.

Appraisal icons of the photos
4 icons exist : three icons to express my aesthetic and/or technical opinion and the consistency of the photo within the overall project and a nuclear icon that can trigger an automatic quarantine of the given image, when it gets 4 nuclears.
The final decision to suppress the image remains under the sole initiative of the website administrators.
There is a first icon to say that the photo is consistent with the overall project and of good artistic and technical quality.
Then comes a second icon (move) to express that the image, although artistically and technically good, is not consistent with the rest the project and should probably be removed from it as such.
And finally a third icon (recycle) to say that, although the photo does fully fit in the overall project, it needs some technical adjustments or is not quite artistically or aesthetically convincing.

Attention: Use the nuclear icon with care.
Only use this icon if:
- You think this photo does not really have the basic technical or artistic quality to be on the website and that it really deserves to be suppressed;
- This photo is of a racist, pornographic, or pedophile nature, or may be offensive to other people or other members of the website.

Replace a photo (RE-UPLOAD)

This feature allows you to replace one photo by a new one, while keeping both its description and the comments already received.
All you need to do is edit the photo and click on the "Re-upload this photo" tab.
As soon as the correction is done, the older photo is replaced with the new one in the gallery, in the project as well as in the comments.
This icon will then appear in the general gallery. You also have the option to display the former original posted photo by clicking on while the cursor is placed on the photo.


When you upload, you also have the option to upload several photos at the same time.
To do so, choose the Photopack tab. You will then be allowed to upload as many as 10 photos, but they have to belong to the same project.
When you upload a pack, the thumbnail of the first uploaded photo appears below.
When you are done, you just need to click on the "validate my Photopack" tab.

NOTICE: One Photopack consists of a minimum of 2 photos.

When you enter the Photopack page, you need to edit each and every photo individually and fill in the necessary information so as to make them appear as "completed". Once this is done, simply click on the "Validate this pack" tab to put them online in both the gallery and the project.
Inside the gallery, a Photopack is identified with a double half framed main photo. When you click on this Photopack photo, you open the project page. Once on the project page, the photos included in the Photopack are identified with a thick purple line.

NOTICE: A Photopack with 10 photos will appear in the gallery with only one partially framed main photo. To go and comment those 10 photos, holikers will have to go through the project page.

You can take as much time as you want to validate a Photopack.
You can access it from your profile page where the "validate your Photopack" tab stands. When you validate your pack, a special tab in your profile page allows you to access your last uploaded pack ("Last Pack" tab).

How to manage your upload

Together with the Photopack option, we have introduced a new notion. As already said, you have an upload credit of 10 photos. In fact, that means you have the right to upload 10 photos on a roll forward period of 10 days.
If you upload 10 photos on one given day, your credit goes down to zero. The next day, your credit is incremented by one photo, and one photo the next day, and so on till your full credit of 10 is back after 10 days.
In effect, that allows you to upload a full project within two separate Photopacks within 10 days. If you upload 3 photos only on one given day, you still have a credit of 7 photos to go in the next few days plus one each day.

NOTICE: You can only upload one photo or one Photopack on a given project per day.
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The "projects" command lets you visualize the last projects created on Photoholik.

The "gallery" command displays the last photos uploaded on Photoholik.

The "exhibition" command: eventually, Photoholik intends to organize a monthly exhibition of the best photos of the previous month. Those images will be commented by an outside guest, who is a professional in the artistic or graphical world.

The "forum" command permits to contact other members, to join in discussions, to exchange ideas, to ask questions or raise issues. Various themes exist in the forum. A special theme also allows you to contact directly the website administrators.

The "search" command permits to search a photo, or a member.

The "my space" command permits to go back quickly to my profile page.
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